Defamation of character

Carolyn Bell of Pembroke MA since 2007 has made up stories about her son being a level 3 *** offender. Bell, 73, who we believe is a narcissistic person, has been very successful in starting a smear campaign against her son. Bell, allegations against her son are to deflect the pain and suffering she caused … Read more

Tiffanie Halvorson — Lane County, Oregon

Ladies watch out for this one. She’s in my man’s inbox begging him for money and giving him pity stories about her life. For the last 6 years she knew I was in a relationship and continued to pursue my significant other who also happens to be her cousin. She attempts to come across as … Read more

Justin Smith — Vancouver, Canada

Justin Smith from Vancouver is 45 is married and is cheating on his wife, he has also had an affair with a married co-worker and he got her pregnant. He doesn’t seem to know what a condom is and likely has had an STI in the past. He is not currently single but has been … Read more

Brenda Boghean — Alberta, Canada

Watchout for Brenda Boghean. I had a date with her last night. I woke up this morning, and there is $75.00 in my wallet missing. And my Sony Bluetooth speaker is gone($275). She left in the middle of the night while I was asleep. You cant trust these women. Someone must have came and picked … Read more

Michael Hart

Here is my pathetic ex husband and home wrecker: Michael Hart. He has cheated numerous of times, but I felt pressured by my family and his to try to work it out for our family. This last time, everyone realized he would never change and have tried to be as supportive as they can. Our … Read more

Kellie Sanford — Medford, Oregon

If anybody knows her do yourself a favor and stay far away.. we were together for 3 years.. built a home, I bought her a brand new Hyundai Elantra 2023. And I found out she was cheating on me and she then proceeded to threaten to get a restraining order on me so i had … Read more