Meagan Belongia — Cantonment, Florida

This girl is a home wrecker! She lives in Cantonment area. Works in medical at the county jail and state prison. She ruined my sister’s life (with help from her cheating husband). After a lot of digging I found 3 other men she cheated with and 3 wives who she exposed the cheating to afterwards. … Read more

Carla Lindsey — Abilene, Texas

Beware! This woman is a gold digger and Carla Lindsey is looking for her next victim to be her suga daddy. She lives in Abilene- San. Angelo Texas area. She rather live of men than get a real job. I know of 2 men she’s been playing and they’re both been married. So y’all be … Read more

Makia Anderson — Texas

Now I like to address this dirty duckfaced loose pussywide body *****. Makia Anderson or as she likes to call herself BigFine or on IG. Makia is a well known hoe you masquerades like shes so holy and righteous online however she has had ads on various sites advertising for 80$ ********. you ma’am are … Read more

Anna Van Rooy — Portland, Oregon

Someone left their wallet over a girl’s house so she decides to take the driver’s license and take a picture of it and post it on. Are we dating the same guy to get dirt. What a POS!!! We were able to find who the person was and we sent him a message to let … Read more

Saunya Strickland — Dayton, Ohio

Based in Dayton Ohio and springboro oh she is a realtor who will take your life saving and sell you a dump she is known to hang with Alen Jennings and Tory Westbrook Tory a child predator who had *** with a 15 year old girl they all are corrupt and believed to be selling … Read more

Alecea Myers — Belleville, Canada

Alecea was supposed to drop something off at my mailbox at the end of my driveway. I sent her an etransfer for $230 for something that was supposed to be $200. I agreed to help her with gas money so I sent a bit more. She originally said she would drop off the same day … Read more

Johnathan Kantona — Tampa Florida

He tries to rush his way in, almost feels like he’s doing it on purpose to avoid having to pay first. I’ve learned that lesson before tho and insisted on payment up front. He payed via Venmo. 5 days later he does a charge back and tells the credit card company he never met me. … Read more

Michael Dixon- Manasquan NJ

Michael was removed ( forced to resign) from his work position for sexual assault. Michael is a liar and sexual predator. Micheal lied to his wife and two small children a number of times cheating on them with no remorse. you know him? watch out. he is full of lies