Makia Anderson — Texas

Now I like to address this dirty duckfaced loose pussywide body *****. Makia Anderson or as she likes to call herself BigFine or on IG. Makia is a well known hoe you masquerades like shes so holy and righteous online however she has had ads on various sites advertising for 80$ ********. you ma’am are out of pocket. What makes matters worse is shes build like a busted can of uncooked cinnamon rolls and always have to tuck in her fat upper ***** area in photos. WHAT THE **** IS THAT? And got the audacity to solicit people on Instagram in their dms to ‘subscribe to my OnlyFans”. or wants them to pay her for conversation. Silly meatball stomach shaped ***** you should be grateful. DHS has reports on her & her son is staying with another guardian. She also has police records which i have where she has various charges. This bad PH balance (oh she super foul), tilapia smelling hoe is all the way out the box and needs to be addressed. All that perfume you always smell like youre bathing doesnt hide that stench. If you see this wide body hoe please call a OBGYN or the authorities.

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