Stay away from scam artist Jon Yankasky

Handyman Scammers! This is a complete SHAM business with scam business practices! Hired Jon Yankasky to install a brand new hot water heater in my house and install a new gas line. My old hot water heater was electric and not gas I wanted a gas one installed this time. Jon said this will cost for a brand new gas hot water heater and install brand new gas line was going to cost me a total of 2,500 he stated he needed 1,250.00 down I ask him I thought I only would have to pay when the job was done he said 1,250.00 down was to go buy the materials so he can get the job done he said the rest of the money when the job get completed. Me and my wife paid him in cash 1,250.00 down and he said he will be out early in the morning to get the job done. I took of work that day and waited all day he never showed up. I called his phone and he said hello I said why you did not call me to tell me you was not coming out? He hung up the phone on me. Its been 6 months now and nothing. I did call the police on him and they told me there is nothing they can do because it was a civil matter. One of the police officers told me I can take him to small claims court and sue him in court. Horrible horrible dishonest company! Run! As fast as you can! Run away from them! These guys are scammers and liars. I wish I had read reviews prior to hiring this company. Its pretty bad when you Google a company and six out of the top 10 search results are about them being a giant scam and yet they are still in business. You’ve been warned…

JDI Handyman Services
300 Kiser St #1A-B Dayton, OH 45404
(937) 912-1197)
Jon Yankasky

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